Shipping – Humidity Control

Dehumidifiers in Ships

Dehumidifiers in Ships & Oil Platforms

Combined with the aggressive nature of salt, humidity is a major cause of rust and corrosion to marine structures. It can dramatically reduce the lifetime of machinery and seriously affect the reliability of electrical and electronic equipment. While it may not always be practical or necessary to protect equipment in constant use, dehumidification should be considered during lay-up or refit.

Machinery spaces, empty tanks and holds, accommodation, offices and other unused spaces can be protected from corrosion by using our drying systems. Using our dehumidifiers inside sealed steel structures is an excellent alternative to surface treatments. An air dryer system costs only a fraction of that used to regularly blast and paint such structures. As long as the relative humidity is controlled, corrosion can be eradicated – irrespective of temperature.

Dehumidifying Cargo Holds

High humidity affects goods in global transit, shortening shelf life and reducing quality. Materials in cargo holds such as flour, wood and paper can be protected using our drying systems, ensuring that cargo arrives dry and undamaged.

Dehumidification is far more effective than heating, as it actually removes moisture from the air.

Our dehumidifiers require little energy and will operate efficiently at all ambient temperatures, even below freezing.

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